As promised babe…


As promised babe…

We don’t fuck anymore

It’s strange how we don’t fuck anymore, only quick blowjobs on my workplace roof.

It seems like we’re just good friends who occasionally help each other cum (although most of the time it’s me). I really wish your husband would stop tracking your iPhone so we can meet in a room and have real sex, the one our bodies can touch.







We don’t fuck anymore

Our first sex (A post by him)

Hey babe,
I remember the first time we had sex. It was at your house during the times we both signed for unemployment at the same place.
I stopped by in the morning, you took me by the hand and led me to your bedroom – I liked how you did it, it felt like you know what you want.
You undressed, with your amazing thin body, blonde hair and small tits. You sat on the bed and started blowing my cock and after a while I fucked you doggy style. I still keep the photos, do you remember them? I love taking pics while we fuck, it makes the memories last longer.
It was weird at first, having sex on the same bed you sleep with your husband, but I got used to it fast 🙂
I think our readers would like to see your tits, can you post them here?
Our first sex (A post by him)

The first time we met (A by her)

The first time we met.
It took us more than a year.
Think I’ll ever forget this evening. We met on the roof of a shopping center, not far from where I used to work.
I just stood there near your car, staring at you and talking with you, afraid someone will come and will see us together, although we did nothing.
It was dark already and i glad you couldn’t see me blush.
I was excited to meet you, the “official manager” from the blog I liked to read, about the great sex you had in the shower with yourself…
You had that lovely combination of Intelligence and sex and everything is secret about your personal life.
I remember how were you horny, I just touched your cock and you came on my hand.
You came so fast with me, even today after all this years I cant used to it, although its good for us when we don’t have much time 😉
Actually I don’t think we ever has enough time to be together.
The first time we met (A by her)

How we met (A post by him)

Do you remember how we met? we each had our separate blog on that site, I wrote about sex and the life of the manager, you wrote about being a young mom.

I probably approached you first, I was flirting with everyone over there. It took long long time until you played along with me, and even then I could not guess that your’e an active butterfly, much more then I was.

You have that innocent thing about you, I think no one can guess what is happening under the surface, that blond, thin, small tits, milky skin, beautiful face surface of yours.

I’m trying to remember if you sent me a nude before our first encounter…

How we met (A post by him)